Marketing Retail Bingos

Marketing Retail Bingos

Cirsa Corporation

In 2013, Xoo Studio will be in charge of all communication for the CIRSA bingo chain, the leading company in the Spanish gambling and leisure-activity sector.

In addition to communicating the activities, games, promotions and drawings held, Xoo Studio has also won the tender to create the campaign “Gira famosos 2013”, which will bring Spanish-music celebrities to the CIRSA halls in Spain.

Communication of one of the promotions. 

Displays for spanish bingos.

Front of Bingo Zaragoza with motive Karina's concert.

Karina, signing the T-shirts designed for the event.

 Advertising on radio for Karina event. Masculine voice, Jordi Hurtado (Ondas Award 2012). Feminine voice: Maria Moscardó.