2013 Greeting Card

2013 Greeting Card

Clysa Proyectos Integrales

Xoo Studio has designed the Christmas card for Clysa Proyectos Integrales, which specialises in cutting edge kitchen areas, to bring 2013 to all of its customers.

For Clysa, 2013 is not just a pretty number but also a year no-one should fear. This is the reason why Clysa invites its customers to unleash their projects to the fullest. To reinforce this message they accompany the greeting card with a cake knife. A corporate gift that will be all year round with their customers, and will remind them that when it comes to kitchens Clysa is there to help.

Even Santa Claus wants to get a Clysa cake knife.

Clysa brings in 2013 with a small gift related to the kitchen sector.

To give a creative and Christmassy touch, the greeting card has been designed in a triangular format.

Black, orange, grey. Clysa corporate colors.

Email card. Animation.