Recipy book

Recipy book


Vahiné, a leading brand in accessories for desserts and pastries and part of the International manufacturer McCormick Group, has entrusted Xoo Studio to design and produce its recipe book "The 20 best home desserts". They are the best recipes made with Vahiné products which Xoo Studio has captured in 48 pages. These recipes are compiled in an enjoyable and entertaining manner covering practical solutions to create, decorate and reinvent the most exquisite desserts.

Vahiné has distributed the book "The 20 best home desserts" in big stores like El Corte Ingles.

The compilation brings together all kinds of recipes, from tea pastries to delicious cakes.

The most relevant information is presented in an easy and practical way to facilitate the preparation of the recipe.

Photo prominence. In "The 20 best home desserts" ... The temptation enters the eye!.